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Dog Urine Patches?

Dog Urine Patches


Dog urine patches in lawns are one of the most common issues. Have a lawn and a pet pooch? You’ll most likely have unsightly brown patches where the dog goes to the toilet. More than just a nuisance and unsightly. Dead areas which soon become patches of bare earth causing frustration and problems of re-seeding. This blog post is going to look at what exactly causes the patches, and a few ways in which they can hopefully be overcome.


What causes dog urine patches?

The grass dies due to being burnt by a too high nitrogen level present in urine. But there’s nitrogen in the fertiliser I put on my grass? While this is true, fertilisers have a balanced formula specifically designed to encourage growth. If you poured a heap of fertiliser in one single spot, it too, would kill the grass, much like dog urine does.


So, what can be done?

There’s a few things to do, to help alleviate the problem of dog urine patches.

  • Watch your dog!

The most efficient way of solving the issue is to keep a close eye on the dog. After it’s done it’s business, go out with either a bucket of water or a garden hose and water the area. This will dilute the urine enough so it doesn’t burn the grass.

  • Create a “toilet” area.

Although this method won’t help with reducing any grass being burnt by the urine, it will allow only one area to be damaged (perhaps behind a shrub or tree where it’s less noticeable?). It will take a little while to teach any dog to go in one specified area, but if you are able to control where it goes. If you are able to move the issue to a different place and make is less unsightly.

  • Encourage your dog to drink more water.

Much like taking a horse to water and making it drink. This option isn’t exactly the easiest to accomplish. If the dog’s water dish gets empty quickly and always needs re-filling. How long has it been empty for? Maybe get a larger dish and keep an eye on it to top it up when it’s low. If the dog spends a lot of time outside in the nice weather, put a bowl outside.

  • Apply a treatment.

Treatments such as Wee-Patch Restore CLEAR contain ingredients designed to speed up the dilution of the urine and also speed up the grass recovery and health. This 900ml bottle treats up to 90 areas and is also available with a green dye to instantly mask the effected area.

  • Treat the dog.

Not treat as in medically, but treat as in something nice. There’s many products on the market designed to bind the nitrogen produced in urine and eliminate the grass burning. A couple of options are Mark And Chappell Ltd VetIQ Green-UM Lawn Burn Solution (100 tablets), and NaturVet GrassSaver Chewable (300 Wafers). There are also “Rocks” which you place into the water dish to purify the water the dog’s drinking water. Which are a bit easier to remember than a daily tablet. Dog Rocks Urine Patch Preventer


Please Note: I have not used the products listed above (I hose down after my dog goes), but the reviews are there to allow you to make an informed decision.


Hopefully this post has helped provide information as to what causes the patches caused by dog urine. Also giving a couple of options to keep on top of the problem.


Don’t forget, as always, Keep It Green!