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Top 5 Tips For A Better Lawn!

A lot goes in to having a nice lawn. It takes time to have that perfect lawn you’ve always wanted, but simply following these top 5 tips for a better lawn, will get you on the right path!

1) Mowing

Mowing, Top 5 Tips For A Better Lawn!

This seems like the most obvious first choice and that’s why it’s number one on our top 5 tips for a better lawn. Mowing the lawn enables fresh lush growth. Much like a haircut when it grows back quicker after being cut. But there’s a few things to take into consideration when mowing, such as rotary or cylinder?, stripes or no stripes?, bag or mulch?

As long as it’s cut regularly, not cutting more than 1/3 off the grass at one time. This will allow the lawn to grow nice and lush and keep it looking good.

2) Watering

Watering, Top 5 Tips For A Better Lawn!

Like every other living thing, the lawn needs water to survive. We recommend your lawn gets 1” of water twice a week. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated! Generally, it’s only in the height of summer you need to worry about not getting enough rain.

There’s a myriad of ways to ensure your lawn gets enough water. From a simple watering can, to full blown irrigation systems. There will be another post to pick this up in more detail.

Meteoradar have a useful 3 hour rainfall radar to see what’s coming.

3) Fertilising

Fertilising, Top 5 Tips For A Better Lawn!

No, I’m not suggesting you go out, hire a muck spreader and spread a load of muck on the lawn!

Fertilisers are vital for putting needed nutrients into the ground so your lawn can reap the benefits. They come in two main categories, macro and micro-nutrients. Macro nutrients are those which are usually labelled on the front of the packaging such as “12-12-12” and are ALWAYS displayed in terms of NPK. N = Nitrogen, P = Phosphorus, K = Potassium. Micro nutrients include things such as Iron (Fe), Magnesium (Mg) and Sulphur (S).

Don’t worry about all the nutrients and such too much. For now, just a generic lawn feed around “8-4-4” will do the job nicely.

4) Weed Control

Weed Control, Top 5 Tips For A Better Lawn!

The above three tips, should help in having a nice lush lawn which will help with this step, as the grass will grow thick and healthy out competing the weeds, but there always seems to be one or two of the blighters in the lawn!

Weeds can be controlled in a  number of ways such as; Selective weedkillers, these are usually sprayed directly on the lawn and target broad leaved weeds so unfortunately they don’t work with grass leaved weeds. Spot Spraying, this is just the use of weedkiller sprayed directly on the affected area, but will usually kill some grass around the weeds and so a patch will form, needing to be repaired. Manually removing the weeds can work well if there are only a couple in the lawn, but if there are quite a few, it’ll be back breaking work.

For the moment, just pick the most suitable option to keep on top of any weeds.

5) Scarification & Aeration

Scarification & Aeration

These two things are different but both help the lawn in the same kind of way, by letting air to the grass.

Scarification is the process of removing the thatch, the layer of dead material between the grass and soil, allowing air, as well as nutrients and water, to get to the grass.

Aeration is the process of “poking” holes in a lawn to enable air, water and nutrients deeper into a lawn by removing small cylinders of soil from your lawn.

Simple scarification can be done using an ordinary lawn rake by raking quite vigorously to remove any dead material. Aeration is done using a hollow tined aerator which are available in manual and powered models. Both machines should be available to hire from your nearest tool hire place.

Using a fork for aerating isn’t recommended, as this only compacts the soil more, as nothing is removed and the surface area of the lawn just got smaller.

With these 5 tips, your lawn will already be looking good.

There will be more posts to come delving deeper into each of the above topics.

For now though, Keep It Green!