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What’s a lawn anyway?

Google defines a lawn as follows;


“an area of short, regularly mown grass in the garden of a house or park.”


but a lawn is so much more than that!

It’s what gives your property curb appeal, it’s where the kids play, it’s where the dog runs around and where you entertain. It’s more than JUST an area of grass.


Lawn with house

Delving deeper into what a lawn is, what makes up a lawn?

Lawns are primarily grasses, although people can, and do, have “tapestry lawns” which are grass free and constructed using mowing tolerant plants, but we won’t go into that today because we’re looking at the grass lawn.

Your lawn isn’t just one single plant, it’s thousands, if not millions of individual grass plants growing together, typically more than one type of grass, to create, what we know as, a lawn.

The grasses used in lawns vary widely based on soil conditions, climate, and geographical locations and in the UK, we generally use what’s known as “cool season” grasses. Below is a list of the more common grasses used in lawns in the UK along with a small section of information about each.


Lolium perenne – Perennial Ryegrass

Quick to germinate, tough & traffic tolerant. High disease and insect resistance.

Festuca rubra – Red Fescue

Easily established from seed. Fine bladed. Good for dry, shady areas.

Festuca rubra litoralis – Slender Creeping Red Fescue

Similar to Red Fescue but provides a denser sward.

Agrostis capillaris – Common Bent/Colonial Bent

Easily grown from seed but slower to get established. Good wear tolerance. Suitable for cool, moist areas.

Poa pratensis – Kentucky Bluegrass (KBG)

Requires good irrigation or naturally moist conditions. Requires good schedule to produce thick sward with fast growth.

Poa annua – Annual Meadow Grass

Not generally used in lawns because it’s considered a weed. More suited for golf greens and bowling greens.

As you can see from above, there’s more than just one type of grass used in lawns. As a result, each have their own requirements and needs to keep them healthy, and your lawn looking good, and we’ll go over these within this blog!

Stay tuned and Keep It Green!

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